Extracting WAV. files without pauses?!?

I have recently been experiencing difficulty extracting tracks from cd’s as WAV. files to my hard drive without short pauses or “gaps” being inserted in between. These are not the usual 2-second gaps though. They are more like 1-second or less. I hear them when the tracks are played back in either Windows Media Player, or the built-in CD player that comes with EZCD Creator. It is most noticeable when copying live or concert tracks.

I am using Roxio’s Easy CD Creator Basic which has been recently updated on Oct. 24th, and since then I have been experiencing this problem.
I tried uninstalling the software and replacing it with my full version of Stomp’s RecordNow Max 4.5 and DLA but it did not help.

I dont understand this but I was not having any problems before this recent update.

When I just make a copy of a whole disc they come out fine. It’s only when extracting certain tracks or part of a disc to my PC.

Is this the software or is it Windows XP?

My setup is:
Dell Dimension 4400 with Win XP
Easy CD Creator Basic
Samsung SD-616 DVD-Rom
NEC NR-7900A cd-rw

Any help or info would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Many software players create a gap between tracks, have you tried the CD in an audio player?

Yes I tried the “finalized” disc in my stereo’s cd player and the gaps were burnt into the disc as well. The album was “Sgt. Pepper” by The Beatles, so the gap was in between track 1 & 2 where the crowd noise is.

If I just play the source disc in Windows Media Player or any other player on my PC, there are no gaps, so it plays the disc just as it is. Im confused :confused:

The tracks must be burned in Disc at Once mode. If Track at Once is used, a “gap” is forced between tracks.

Some burning programs like Nero will put a 2 second gap between tracks even if Disk at Once is selected, and the gap must be manually removed before burning.

Easy CD Creator does not have a gap between tracks if DAO is used. Try again and use DAO this time.

Yes I do select “Disc At Once” (you double-click the box at the bottom of the EZCD screen). This does not help :bow:

RecordNow MAX does not insert gaps between tracks when recording in DAO. If you are having this same problem with both programs, I would check out the WAV files to see what is causing this effect.

What program are you using to rip the WAV files? There may be some corruption at the end of the files which is causing the gaps. As you stated originally, the gaps seem to be less than 2 seconds. This can be symptomatic of a file problem caused by faulty digital audio extraction.

Try opening the WAV files in an audio (wave) editor and check to see if the waveform stops before the end of the track or doesn’t start at the beginning of the track. Use the Sgt. Pepper tracks 1 & 2 for this test and you will be able to determine whether there is a problem with the WAV files themselves.

If you don’t have an audio editor, you can download a 30 day trial version of the excellent shareware editor Cool Edit 2000.

Ive used this same exact cd before and extracted the tracks just fine without any pauses, but since Roxio updated their EZCD software in October it has been giving me problems. Even though I uninstalled the Easy CD program before installing the Stomp software, I think The Roxio software is “lingering” and probably also causing the problem with my RecordNow software.

I need to find out how to do a complete uninsall of Roxio software first.

If you prefer to solve this problem with your own methods, then I leave you to it.

If you check out the Roxio discussion group for Easy CD Creator, you’ll be amazed at how many people are disgusted with this software. There are numerous problems and bugs in the new Platinum 5.3 update.

Originally posted by Ght32972
If you check out the Roxio discussion group for Easy CD Creator, you’ll be amazed at how many people are disgusted with this software.

If you look around the rest of the Internet, you’d be amazed at how many people wouldn’t touch Easy CD Cremator for the past 3+ years.

I’m amazed they even have enough customers left to warrant a discussion forum. :Z

Do yourself a favour and grab a copy of EAC or Feurio for your audio needs, and read the available documentation etc.

Thanks very much to all of you for your help…I do appreciate it :slight_smile:

Roxio even has the nerve to charge for phone support, on top of paying the $79-$99 (depending on where you buy it) for the Platinum software!

I actually tried EAC on my former HP pc and it did work. I was having problems with their “RecordNow” program because it was only a basic version where you could not adjust any gaps or track spacing. It always inserted the 2 second space.

However, I seem to recall trying EAC and it did not insert the gaps. I found it to be strange that it’s “free” software, or shareware. The designer only wants a stamped postcard or something in return?

Also, Nero’s trial download worked correctly. That one also seems to be a favourite amongst users.

I just found EZCD to be “easy” to use when it did work correctly. The Stomp RecordNow layout seems a bit confusing to me:rolleyes:

I just found EZCD to be “easy” to use

Nero Express is about as easy as it gets.

EAC is a bit harder to setup for extraction, but it usually works well.
Easy one: Feurio.
Just copy the CDROM tracks to the project. You can hear the project before burning with the “Wave Player”. You can “see” it with the Track Editor.
If you cannot see the gaps there, they won’t be in the disc.

Look here for more information/tips on gaps. :slight_smile:

With Feurio you can also select to “kill” silence at end/start of tracks, or better still rip the album as one large file and when you burn it the track markers will be inserted, with no possibility of exta silence being added

Don’t kill silence at the end of tracks if you want the copy to play like the original. Killing silence can remove the original audio silence between the tracks, so that a track begins as soon as the previous ended, without waiting its turn.

Perhaps the problem is that you are using ECDC Basic. As I recall, you cannot change the gap between tracks. I had this problem as well. By using Platinum you are able to change track gaps, including crossfades. I’ve not had any problems burning CDs without gaps. For instance, on Rusted Roots’ “When I Woke” CD the first two tracks on the pressed CD have no gap but when I made a compilation these tracks DID have a track. I puzzled it over and couldn’t figure it out. So when I got new software (ECDC Platinum) Itried again and changed the gap to 0.0 seconds. It worked for me…