Extracting song titles

I’ve converted my wave files to mp3. These were copied from different sources and I would like to convert the track numbers into something that would show the title and artist. I downloaded MP3TAG, but all it shows is unknown title and artist. Since all of these did not originate from an actual mp3, am I out of luck on this?
thanks, foghat

In MP3tag use the freedb or Amazon database…
Or this,

Or WinAmp and ‘AutoTag’.

If you don’t or prefer not to use Winamp, another one worth looking at is the Picard MP3 tagger tool at MusicBrainz, which is a freeware tool that analyzes the songs to identify and automatically tag them.

IF the data isn’t already there in the tag there is nothing to “extract”

You’ll likely have to enter/edit the information manually.

I’d personally recommend TagScanner5.0 (build532) free download off cnet.


Both Winamp and the Picard MP3 tagger don’t rely on existing ID3 tags or the file name. Instead, they analyse each song’s fingerprint against an online database to determine the song information, in much the same way as the tool Tunatic can identify the title & artist of a song played into the PC’s microphone.

From my experience after running Winamp Autotag against a collection of about 300 unnamed songs (without ID3 tags), it got all but about 5 right. I’m not sure what the accuracy of the Picard one is like. The only thing Winamp autotag doesn’t do is rename the files, so you’ll need an auto tagger afterwards (e.g. TagScanner) to rename the songs’s filenames. The only drawback with auto-tagging is that they tend to get the album name wrong, since many songs (e.g. Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody) appear on multiple compilations such as various greatest hits CDs.