Extracting just 1 rar file

Hi, if there are 30 rar files with an AVI in it, is it possible to only extract… let’s say… .r10 to preview the AVI or to take screenshots of it ?

Whenever I try to extract one of those rar files, then I get the message “You need to start extraction from a previous volume to unpack Mountains.avi”.

Sometimes it’s possible to preview the AVI by playing the rar file with VideoLAN, but that often doesn’t work.

Right click on .r01 and click extract here.

Then they should all extract and make the one Mountains.avi :slight_smile:

If that fails, highlite them all, and right click and etract here.

Hope that helps

Thanks, kaybing27, but I know that you have to select the one with a rar, r01 or 001 extension to unpack the whole AVI.

What I mean is… what if you only have 1 of those rar files and you just want to have the little piece of AVI in that particular rar file ? Is there any way to extract the 30 second / 1 minute of video that is in there, so I can play/preview it ?

I’m not sure myself, but if you manage to get any data from it, use AVIPreview to view whatever it can. It basically gets the video/audio streams it can from a data source and shows what it can (I used it with my pre-downloaded files off Kazaa back in the day…)

Thanks, theone1_. If I manage to get the video out of the rar file, then I’ll try to play it with AVIPreview. Playing the rar file itself with AVIPreview doesn’t work. I guess AVIPreview is the same kind of player as VideoLAN.