Extracting Iso with nero 6.3



Here it goes …
Extracting Iso with nero 6.3 can that be done or do I need a ISO extarting utility. if so do you know any good ones aka free. Cause all I want to do is put it on CD.

Thanks …


it´s not free but there is a demo…google for it


I just bought ISO buster but I can’t exatract the file it say something about RAW Data and user data but I just want to extrac the file to CD or to my HD then burn it too CD


I’m looking at this and I don’t know which one to extarcat or how to extracte it I’m scanning over the help but its not doning that thing that it suppose to do … HELP.

So please help


They all look the same but the 1st one says ISO on the icon.


if all you want is to put it on cd - why dont you just burn the iso within nero? on the smartstart, there is a burn image option


find the one with the files that you want. Then extract raw data…to the directory that you want but why not just burn it all with nero? Would be easier


You could always load the ISO into a virtual drive (on the hard disk) and then just copy the files from there. Go here for a free one.



New WinRaR can also handle ISO files, and so can UltraISO - both have free trials