Extracting individual episodes from a DVD

If one has a DVD with 6 half hour episodes on it, how does one extract, say, two episodes at a time to burn onto one cd?

Can Smartripper (and DVD2Svcd) be used to achieve this?

I guess, theoretically, DVD2Svcd should automatically divide the episodes onto 3 cd’s, but I don’t want to risk it chopping the end off an episode, as it will only look at the total ripped length and then divide it to fit, irrespective of the number of actual episodes - I think I’m right here??

I personally use DVD Decrypter to extract every single epoisode from my XFiles DVDs to self-made folder(s), then process every episode individually to DivX. Am pretty sure you something similar with DVD to SVCD conversion. It will probably take a bit more time but allow you to have full control of the whole process :slight_smile:

try using flaskmpeg! There you can make so called “jobs” where you can select the range it has to compress.

Check http://www.doom9.org/


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[B]try using flaskmpeg! There you can make so called “jobs” where you can select the range it has to compress.

Check http://www.doom9.org/

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What do you mean? Do you want to compress them as one file or two? Either way, VirtualDub should be the solution.

i mean that with flaskmpeg you could select the beginning and endpoint of the film in one or more files and thus separate the episodes. Then he can burn them to CD/(S)VCD

Extract (using DVD Decrypter in IFO mode) each Episode to its own folder on your HD and use DVD2SVCD to encode each to SVCD. Follow the tutorial (in the Tutorial section) but set in the Bitrate Tab the CD length to be 400 ( 1/2 of an 800 or 80min CD). You end up with an episode that fits to exactly 1/2 a CD. Dont make Images, as you just want the MPG file. Do the same for each Episode, then use VCDEasy to add 2 Eps to a CDR and burn to SVCD. Again VCDEasy is explained in the Tute.

Hi All,

   Please use DVDPro to extract specific part or a chapter or a episode from a DVD.  you can tell time from where and upto and it will extract this part from DVD in mpg,mpg2,VCD,SVCD or DVD Format.

here you can downlaod it.
website : www.3mbtech.com


Thanks for all the info. folks. My question was purely out of curiosity, as I did not have a multi-episode DVD to play around with. I now have one and have found that Smartripper and Decrypter work fine (I don’t work with AVI files, I wanted to encode straight to MPEG).

I converted an episode to SVCD (400 mb), but thought the quality was only ok. Out of curiosity, I did the same episode to VCD (300 mb) and couldn’t really see much difference, if any. While SVCD is normally definitely superior, I think by reducing the bit-rate as I did it defeats the purpose somewhat of using SVCD.

Besides, it was a damn sight quicker using VCD, with, in this case, very little difference in quality!

Spy1, thanks for the link, their products look interesting. Next question is, how good are they?

Cheers all.

Hi every body,

                Dik I download and buy DVDPro for extracting some clips for my Power Point presentations. And I was able to sucessfully cut clips from any place of my DVD's. I notice that the output video quality was Good for my need. I didn't try to make VCD or SVCD outof it. You can download Demo version I think and check by your self. 

               One more thing I saw the company have released another version of it Called DVDPro Ex. With many intrusting feature's like you can select output resulotion for your vide upto 640X567 something and also custom settings so you can define output video size by your self. in this version they have include full DVD Player with full screen navigation menu like PowerDVD.

              But at the end I will say you can check it by your self if you download demo cuz I am not sure that if it is what you looking for. Cuz I was looking for my powerpoint and it did the job perfect for me :bigsmile: