Extracting image of C&C Generals freezes as 99%

I’m using the latest version of Alcohol 120% with my trusty BTC-3212IM.

I get past the first 10,000 sectors fine (albeit with tons of warnings of bad sectors), but the problem is at 99%, specifically block 321408 / 326255. At that block it just seems to stop reading, and never gives off an error… I let it run for a few hours now and it hasnt advanced at all.

Anyone know whats causing this, and how to get around it? I followed the instructions on the sticky thread word-for-word, and even tried screwing around with different options but still havent had any luck.

I also tried extracting the image with BlindWrite but was unable to emulate the extracted image with D-Tools.

Any suggestions will be welcome!


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That problem may be caused because your reader has a slow error skipping. Have you tried reading the original CD from another drive?

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From the location of the errors you are referring to, my guess would be that they are there due to scratches or something on the original CD. Please check and see if it is so.

If there are scratches or any other physical reason that gives your drive a hard time reading it, try reading the CD with another reader that can probably deal with scratches in a better way.

Read slower. Try 4x.
Reading at MAX can often produce read errors in the final 5% of the reading process. Reading at 4x often can rule out such errors and produce an errorless read.