Extracting from pre-scratched DVD - data ok? (Samsung SH-W162C / TS-H552C)

Wsup guys (and Gals), I have a question that I can’t seen to find the answer to in Google.

My brother burned me a DVD game yesterday and it plays fine.
The problem is that just before I put it in my computer to play it, I checked the data side of the disk (habit) for fingerprints/scratches etc. Upon inspection of the disk I see a stripe of non-written area spanning from the center of the disk to the outside edge of the disk. Apparently, before the disk got written to, it had a scratch and my brother, who never checks the disks write surface before a write, wrote to it anyway. Now comes my question.

In a case like this, during the burning process, does the CD/DVD recorder skip the damaged area and continue writing?, meaning can the contents of the disk be extracted in original file size and condition?, or is the damaged area written to as the writer has no idea that the disk is damaged?

The reason I ask is because I have extracted the contents of the disk in question without error but I am reluctant to re-write this suspect data to another DVD for fear that the game will have errors anyway.

Thanks, in advance for your input on this matter.

If the game on “scratched” disk is playing OK, than I would just burn new disk from your copy and try.
It may not be a scratch after all, because if it copied without error it should be OK.