Extracting firmware using pflash?

Is it possible?

I have a Sony CRX1611… and i want it upgrade to a LiteOn LTR1601B, because i have some problems with it. The drive has sanyo chipset, and it dont work with mtkflash, and i dont know how to tell pflash to extract firmware.
btw. firmware at moment is TYS7

plz help :slight_smile:

c ya

EDIT: if anyone has already a bin file for this drive, plz feel free to send it to me :slight_smile: -> user3_16@hotmail.com


Check out this thread.


I had a Sony CRX1611 too, but couldn’t extract the firmware. Tried both mtkflash and pflash. Incidentally, pflash seems to be useful only for writing firmware to the drive, not for extracting firmware (At least, I couldn’t find any option to read and save current firmware.)

If you do find a way to extract the current firmware, would you mind sending it to me?


hya, i saw this thread already… :slight_smile:
but i still dont know how to get this damn firmware out of my drive… isnt there any other tool like pflash or mtkflash (or older versions which can maybe do…) out ?

I´m not going to try any highly risky things, cause i killed my lg ced 8080 after i flashed it with a wrong firmware… but if i could extract the firmware…

Not that I know of. Tried various command options with pflash. There seems to be no option to extract the current firmware.

If you use the firmware mentioned in the previous thread, the drive will be converted to Liteon. I faced no problem with that process.

but if i do once i cant flash it back anymore…

That’s right.

hmmz… this kinda sux :wink:
I´ll wait till the warranty ran off or till a new, much better firmware comes out…

EDIT: Is it possible to write at 12x speed with the original liteon firmware? my one supports only 4x, 8x and 16x … but its able to overburn up to 90Mins…

c ya

I’m not sure about the 12x write speed, since I always burn at max. And the drive has been removed from the system since I’m selling it…In case I connect the drive again, I’ll check it out.

My “Sony” was able to overburn only to 84+ minutes.

O.k… could you explain to me what i have exactly to do to flash the drive to a LiteOn LTR1601B? and what tools i need ect. ?



Check out my first post in this thread.

O.k… i flashed it.
it supoorts 12x writing, the led is red now (looks much better :wink: )
faster DAE (32x, formaly about 20x)

and its still able to overburn up to 90 mins. :slight_smile: tested with nero cd speed

…but it runs in PIO4 Mode only since the flash :frowning: it sux, cause i have a harddisc at sec. slave (burner is sec. master) any help?

and i found up whats up with overburning… it does not work in any RAW Mode (CloneCD, or Disc At One/96 with Nero…) but it works very well in normal Disc At Once Mode…