Extracting DVD-audio

Hay there all.

My question is I am trying to get the audio only from my music DVD’s I have at home, and then put the audio on to a CD to play in my stereo. I am running a MAC G4 laptop and have been using “MACTHERIPPER” to decode my DVD’s and DVD2ONE to process them to a burnign format and TOAST 6 to burn, but none of this software seperate’s the video content from the audio. I have used “WIRETAP” which records any sound that plays through the speakers on your computer but the quality is not that great when I play it back. I’ve been giving a couple answer’s from people I have talked to at shop’s but they always try to sell me some Big expensive DVD Authoring software which I won’t use 90 percent of anyway. Any idea’s would be a great help.

Simon :bigsmile: