Extracting .DAT files



Hello everyone,

I have encountered a problem at work.
Someone asked me to look for a program that can open .DAT files.
I’ve been searching and tried the tips i found but nothing worked.
the file name looks like:
XXXXXX.xls [01_12].dat
XXXXXX.xls [02_12].dat

XXXXXX.xls [12_12].dat
I see .XLS in the name but Excel wont open it. And based on the names it looks like it is a compressed file in different parts.
So my guess is that it is a large excel file. can anyone help me to extract these files?

Thank you in advance


Didn’t WinAce use dat files?

You could always ask the original author of the file what in the blazes it should be. You could also try renaming the .dat to .zip and see what happens.