Extracting Cdkey From Program

Hello. Was wondering if anyone could help me. Recently i took out my orginal warcarft III to play again but i cant find my CD case anymore. I’m currently running it by cd images in my comp, however i need the cd key back as i intend to format my comp soon. Is there ANYWAY i can extarct my cd key from the installed Warcraft on my comp? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks…


Somewhere in the forum I saw a mention of a program that could do that…but I forgot which section. Perhaps you can find it through our search function, try “extract AND registry” as search terms

I did a quick google for you, http://wind.prohosting.com/bgascon5/ should yield some good programs

BelArc Advisor can also find keys.

Thanks for all the replies guys! I found it thanks to GoldStar611’s suggestion. Ur website is a little outdated though, last update was 2003 so i went to search for the updated version of the program. So anyw i found it and i got back my key :slight_smile: Thanks alot! oh and BelArc Advisor doesnt show the key for warcraft III.