Extracting CD audio to mp3 with 128kbps 44 mhz?



Using audio grabber, I can't get higher than 22mhz 52 kbps, and it sounds like crap. Using audiograbber and ripping .wma it works perfect...any way to do this other than the 30 that you are limited to on NERO? Any other proggie I need? I've got Easy CD, NERO, WinOnCD, psxcopy.


try audio catalyst it works for me


Try MusicMatch Jukebox
It’s the best tool for doing that


I always used AudioGrabber and it worked
perfectly. You CAN change the settings. I
believe you can also change from 22 to 44
KHz and that other setting is changable too.

Then I used AudioCatalyst. Worked fine.

You can also use CD Spin Doctor to rip tracks to .wav files. Then you can use a mp3
encoder to convert them into mp3files.


Tha Sentinel


Use musicmatch i used it always and is the best decoding program on the web…

Greetz madmax


I always use Audiocatalyst for the ripping
and to normalise all tracks if they are from different cd’s.
and used Music Match Jukebox for the converting of mp3 -> wave. (but now use Nero to burn mp3 directly to cd, works great)

Get all 3.