Extracting ccd files to hard drive



Hi, im a noob in alcohol 120%, and I was wondering if you can extract a ccd file onto a hard drive instead of a cd. Thanks in advance


In the image making wizard. click next when after the cd is recognized by alcohol. here you can change the image format just above the start button.


that didn’t work, what I am asking is if i can just extract the image to my hard drive, I do not have a cd burner.


is that what youre wanting?


thats what the ‘image making wizard’ does…dumps to the hard drive


but, when I go in the image making wizard, I do not see a place for me to specify where the image file is. And also, I do not want to create an image file, I have an existing image file that I would like to extract to my hard drive.


ok when you first click the image making wizard…it reads the disk?..you click next…and it should have a box on the left to where you can direct where the image is copied to


What do you mean by “extract” the ccd file. Do you mean extracting it so that you can see the files contained on the original cd? If so, use alcohol’s virtual drive and mount the image onto that.


Yes, or use a tool like winiso, isobuster or cdmage to extract the files to hdd.


Magic ISO or Ultra ISO will allow you to do this, or download Daemon Tools, and mount the ISO to a virtual device then copy form the bvirutal devicxe to the hard drive.