Extracting Audiotrack From DVD to CDROM?

I am trying to extract/copy portions of an audiotrack from a personal digital video on DVD to a CDROM. My PC (running under W2K) has both a CDRW/DVD drive and a CDRW drive. I assume I can copy using both these drives.

I just installed “MediaCoder,” as I hear that’s the best utility to handle this kind of chore. But…can anyone explain just how to accomplish that with “MediaCoder?” (I also have Sound Forge “AudioStudio 8,” but have little experience with it).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Hi and welcome

I haven´t used this one, but it sounds good.
I think you can find the info you want at the Mediacoder website…
FAQs and User Forums there http://mediacoder.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/MediaCoder_FAQ

or maybe someone else here will see this and add their experience.

Good luck.

You can use DVD Decrypter (free) to demux track from DVD and use Sound Forge to convert to 44.1 kHz sampling vaw, or MP3. Audio on DVD is usualy AC3 or PCM at 48kHz.
Guide and download for Decrypter is at
For guide go to GUIDES/Ripping
If you get AC3 you will have to convert to vaw or mp3, for that you can download BeSweet and BeLight from the same site. In that one you can also change sampling rate while converting. I am not sure if Sound Forge take AC3.

Hasn’t DVD Decrypter been removed from the Web for legal reasons?

Thanks for your hints, nonetheless.

Sorry I did not realize that it is not on Doom9 any more. This is where you can get it
There is also TMPGEnc Xpress which will demux audio, but it is around $100US.

The standard TMPGEnc also can demux and mux your stuff. :wink: