Extracting audio from a DVD with a twist

I bet you have never seen this question before…

I have a dvd of live concert and i want to extract the audio to mp3 and then burn it onto 1 or 2 discs. I know how to do that but here comes the twist…

The concert is split into chapters (one for each song). Is there anyway i could keep the chapters so the computer can tell where to split the large audio file into seperate tracks? Because it would be to much hassle to put one big audio file onto a cd and to much hassle to go through the large audio file myself and split it up manually which would take ages.

you should be able to use DVDDecrypter and rip each chapter’s audio using IFO Mode and selecting stream processing

I’m not sure but maybe besweet will convert the ripped audio files to mp3

vStip will rip chapters for you. You’ll get a VOB file for each chapter.
Then you have to extract the audio to .wav. Convert it to 44.1khz from the 48khz its currently in. Then just burn the .wav files in DAO (disc at once).

You should have an audio cd with a seamless concert, but broken down into working ‘tracks’. If the concert is long enough, break it over 2 discs or try and put it onto a 99 minute disc.

I’ve done 2 concerts that way (99 minute discs). They play fine in any standard CD player.

Either way, you’re probably in for 1 or 2 hours of work to assemble & burn this disc(s).

I have sorted it :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I used DVD Decrypter to split into chapters in IFO mode and then i used a program called goldwave and told it to a batch process. So i added all my VOB. files to it and told it to convert to MP3 192kps quality.

I then burned the songs to 2 CD’s with Feurio fine.

One small problem, the sound is pretty quiet, but it doesn’t matter i’ll just have to turn the volume up on my stereo. :iagree:

Never bet if you never seen.
God only knows how many times these kinda Qs have been asked & answered.

DVD Audio ripping

DVD Audio Ripper

DVD Audio Extractor

Feurio CD Manager > Project Window > Play > Wave Player > Controls > Adjust Amplitude


Project Window > Track Editor > 2 Adjust Amplitude buttons ( upper right )


Feurio CD Manager > Help > Index > Level

Voila ! :wink:


Actually in GoldWave, before you batch process, you can bump up the volume (I forget where but it’s an option in the GoldWave menu). It will take awhile, however, because it needs to run through your files one at a time.