Extracting adio from dvd movies

Hey there. I want to know which program can I use to extract only the music that`s playing on a dvd & is it possible ? Also want to know if there is a program that I can use to extract only the instruments sounds in a song & cut out the vocals & is that possible ? If anyone can help, Please send me a pm with the details. Thanks allot to those who has helped me in times of advice & help. This is the only place where I find solutions & will be the only place I will visit cause you guys ROCK… Keep up the good work & thanks again for all your help & support. Regards Skull.

There can be a lot to doing what you want to do.

You will want the latest version of Audacity.
You also will need the ffmpeg for Audacity & probably the LAME for Audacity.
Read this & the links in it:

Depending on where the audio you want is in the movie you may want to join all or part of the .vobs .
This is a good tool for that:
I haven’t tried this so I don’t know if it would be better to convert from the 5.1 channel audio in a lot of movie DVD’s to 2 channel audio first.
Maybe someone else will post on that . It may take some trial & error to test to see if this will accomplish what you want.