"Extracting" a Video "clip" from a DVD Movie

Can anyone tell me if DVDFab can extract a video “clip” from a movie?

If not, can anyone tell me the simplest method to extract a video clip?


I don’t use DVDFAb, but I know this can be done in DVDShrink.

Open the dvd with Shrink (or the entire movie files you have ripped to the hard drive with DVDFab). Go to ReAuthor, drag and drop the main movie title over to the left side, then hit the Start/End Frames tool. It is the last icon on the line that has DVD Compilation in a small box. This tool will allow you to select the exact start and end of the clip you want to save.

If by extract you mean save/copy a “clip” or [I]section[/I] of a DVD movie disc,then the answer is yes…But you need to provide more details…Is the movie file on your HDD and in a VIDEO_TS folder…On disc or???
DVDFab will rip, copy and burn your owned DVD… You can backup the full movie, main movie only or just sections using the Customize Title start/end feature…

Or do you mean, extracting an elementary stream from a video FILE…
Need more details…
Yeah shrink in Re-Author mode will do it …:iagree: