Extracting a RAR file


I need to extract a bunch of RAR files about 20 in total, each one is about 15 MB and has the same file name in the archive (the origional file is about 500MB) After I extract the first file .r00 and I go to extract the second file .r01 explorer asks me if I want to replace the first file (because they both share the same name…)

So basically how can I extract a multiple file archive, it’s one file that is compressed. Because when trying to decompress each file to the same folder it realizes there already is a file by that name and it wants to replace it…

Thanks in advance

you just need to extract the first rar archive.
put the others rar files in the same folder.

when you open the first rar with winRAR, it will find the other archives associated with it, assuming they are in the same directory, and display the contents as a whole.