Extracting a DVD segment/chapter to Video File at Maximum Quality?

I want to extract a simple segment or else chapter from a DVD (non-encrypted, maybe 4.7 or 9Gb) to a File format to play on PC.

I don’t care what the file format is (mp4/WMV/mp2 etc?) but I do not want any quality loss against the original DVD. I’ve a variety of free & paid-for DVD software, including Nero7, DVDFab & VideoFab etc. They all can achieve this extraction after a fashion, sometimes used in conjuction, but always there seems to be compression/quality loss despite my selecting maximum quality options. Nero7’s ‘Recode’ for example, on highest ‘HD TV’ settings, still turns a chapter which is one quarter of the DVD, into a 350mb mp4 file. Unsurprisingly, viewing quality appears reduced.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if the native format underlying a DVD is mpeg2, should this be what I’m aiming for as the least manipulated output file possible?

Software suggestions for what ought to be a simple aim, are gratefully received.

A simple way to do it is to use DVD Shrink. Yes SD DVD uses mpeg2 compression.,

Thanks for the fast reply Whappo!

Will DVD Shrink extract the ‘as is’ underlying content? And am I right to assume that any further conversion to any other format, however in vogue it may be, can only risk losing some of the original quality compared to an mpeg2 extract?

The only way to extract a segment from any video with no quality loss is to not change the video format at all, so I second DVD Shrink as the easiest way to accomplish what you are asking for :slight_smile:

Too bad, however, DVD Shrink doesn’t allow a very precise cut, so if you need an absolutely accurate cut in a precise point, a DVD authoring software like DVDLab Pro or Womble MPEG Editor for example is the best choice. Too bad both are not free software :frowning:

Where would you say VideoRedo (or VideoRedo TV Suite) comes in this? Careful cuts can be arranged, but I’m less sure about output quality and format issues?

I never used that software, so I have no idea about how it works.

Here, here and here you can find a rather large list of free (and advanced) tools that allow you to edit your DVDs as you like :slight_smile:

btw, if you need to extract specific chapters, DVDShrink is the easiest choice, because chapters can be cut with high precision. DVD Shrink is not the best choice only if you must do cuts in different points.

Thanks, I’ll have a play with DVD Shrink. The price of DVD Lab looks pretty scary, I assume it’s worth it…?!

P.S. The output of DVD Shrink seems to be a collection of vob type DVD files. Is there a setting for mpeg2 output somewhere?

[QUOTE=Roy22;2238197]The price of DVD Lab looks pretty scary, I assume it’s worth it…?![/QUOTE]

If you need to cut chapters, I’d say no, because Shrink is the easiest solution, and if you apply no compression the original video will be not modified so the original quality will be retained :slight_smile:

To cut sections out of a dvd, I’d use either DVDShrink or VideoReDo (I have both). Output doesn’t change in quality from the original when making such sections. I’ve never cut larger than 1gb sections though, so if you are going to do that, you might want to turn off file splitting in DVDShrink.

You can rename .vob files to .mpeg extension, or run them through Vob2Mpg to get mpeg files. That process doesn’t effect quality either.

DVDLab Pro is intended for elaborate dvd authoring, and complicated menu creation. You can download the trial, as it is fully functional, but not many amateurs need this level of software for creating dvds. Most get by with free authoring tools like GUIforDVDAuthor or DVDStyler.