Extracting a clip from a DVD



Hi! I occasionally want to pull just a short clip (0:10 to 3:00 or so) off of a DVD to show at church. Will DVD Fab/Platinum do this, or is there a better way?



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Maybe DVD Shrink is a good tool to do this, because in re-author mode it allows to select a start and end point.


Agreed this is “Excellent” suggestion.


I am new also but someone suggested to me “FairUse Wizard”. I tried it and it worked great so perhaps you can try it also.


Hmmm… thanks for the suggestion but that is a different thing I think. FairUse Wizard is a converter from DVD to .avi (MPEG2 -> MPEG4), and as far as I know there isn’t the ability to edit out a particular section.


Yes, you can edit out a particular section. I have done it. In fact, 2 days ago I selected a 10 second clip using FairUse Wizard then had it convert it to an avi file.


Yes I think I remember accidentally doing this by using the start & end credits. But the player must be able to play the avi file otherwise there is conversion process to mpeg.


Nero recode will also grab a section of a dvd for you.


Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and ideas! There’s SO much software out there it’s hard to keep track of which program does what, esp. the first time you need a specific feature like this.