Extracting 2-3 min from public DVD via freeware?

I’m brand new to this DVD stuff…(just got WinDVD software to be able to use the DVD reader that came with my used laptop)…now have a DVD that was created by local govt cable access of a meeting that I spoke at…

I’d like to be able to extract and save to my HD just the 2-3 min of my speech into a format that could be viewed by most anyone (WMV?)…and wondering if there is freeware (or shareware that might allow this in demo/trial mode) that can do this…

I’ve done some searching/reading but most all I see relates to entire DVDs or movies…Having the media guys at CH18 (whom I know) do this would require a fee…I have taped my speech via VCR from cable already so just wanted a copy on laptop…thanks for help!

use dvd shrink (free) & super dvd ripper (free trial)

  1. load the dvd into shrink
  2. select reauthor
  3. select start end frames
  4. select the part you want
  5. click backup & save as video_ts
  6. load video_ts into super dvd ripper
    7 and convert to avi

theres probley many ways to do this, this is just mine.

good luck/

Thanks for reply! I was starting to get the impression that DVD Shrink was involved. Just curious, are there other pgrm alternatives to super dvd ripper to do this function?