Extract of audio from CD

When I extract audio from cd (using eac or easycd) to wav. When I open them in sound forge the peaks look like they have been chop off. I havent done any extraction in about year, never had problems then. Same cdrom drive and sound card. Did go from 98 to XP & from intel to amd MB, but that shouldnt matter? Has to be something simple I’m missing.:confused:

Anybody seen this before or any ideas?


How does the quality sound to you??
if it is ok, then accept it.

They look like they’ve been chopped off because this CD has been really poorly mastered. Audio engineers have been going nuts for about ten years and they think that if something is louder, it’s automatically better. So they use compressor whenever they can, regardless it’s needed or not, and as a result, 95 % of modern records are too goddamn loud (about 10 dB too loud!), the balance between certain instruments is shattered and so is sometimes the balance between certain tones of the same instrument !

It’s really a circus. If it’s some modern CD you were talking about, Britney Spears of other pop “star” for example, you will have to live with shitty mastering. No way to avoid it. Even Iron Maiden’s remasters have been done this way.


Don’t even try to use normalization with it. The damage has already been done and you can only make it worse. Better use volume knob.

Thanks Marius_The_Mad, I kinda thought that after I did some testing last night. I found the Cd that I did extraction from last year and did them again and they are fine (stuff like Pink Floyd, classical music). But stuff like Kid Rock & Eminem are off the scale, like they took the mixer eq and push them all way up.
:a …Oh well thanks to all that replied, it least it not me going crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

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@ MArius

The remasters of Iron Maiden are bad??
thanx for the warning

@ online2 : NP :slight_smile:

@ damiandimitri : it’s a rulette :a

“Iron Maiden” and “Killers” are severly crippled and I’ve heard that there are more of them f!cked up the same way. “Live at Donnington” has been mastered the same way, but sounds quite ok, as far as I remeber (my friend has it). Half of these remasters sound bad or completely differently than originals. And yes, in the bad meaning of “differently”. :Z