Extract bin files

I have Downloading a game, but it is split up in more parts, the files are BIN Files.

my question is how can I Extract the bin files to a folder.

I hope some wan can help me…???


             The Distroyer.


Split in more parts meaning?

Can the be extracted by WinAce/WinRar (perhaps after renaming the files to *.rar and alike, depending on the size of the files)

Bin files are usually acoompanied by *.cue file and can be burnt by CDRWin, Fireburner (but also Nero).

You can also extract *.bin images by using WinISO, WinImage or ISOBuster (which has been explained here all too often).

So if the *.bin files are let’s say over 450MB big, you probably have multime cd’s. If the files are 5-15MB big you probably have to rename them to rar files or Zip files and extract it using the appropriate program.

The clearer you define your problem the easier it is for us to try and answer it…this time it was far from clear

I have Download the game All the 99 x 15 MB files and I have rename them to Rar.
I have extract the files and there is now a Bin file from 678MB.

I have open the bin file whit WinISO, and have turn the files in a folder.
But if I clik on the EXE File this message pop up.

ongeldige win32 toepassing " Wrong win32 " the program don’t start up now.

What do I wrong,or what is the Problem…???

The Distroyer.