Extract audio from video

Recently, i found imto video to audio upgrading .it can extract audio from video ,convert among audio .

Yes, IMTO works great and doesn’t require much user knowledge. It isn’t free, so I still do the DVDShrink --> VStrip --> WAVE editor routine to turn AC3, DTS and LPCM into usable audio.

What audio from what vide?
That counts, IMO.

Virtualdub and clones are still the best choice, together with Avidynth!

Dunno if you were asking me, but I didn’t want the video. The girl just wanted me to take the audio from her concert DVD and put it onto a CD so she could listen to it with her Discman.

Ripped the VOBs with DVDShrink (could have used CloneDVD, DVD Decrypter, whatever), used VStrip to isolate the LPCM audio streams, and used Sonic Foundry to change the byte order and resample the raw audio into 16-bit 44.1KH WAV tracks.

Where were “dvd” mentioned?? huh.