Extract audio from a .nrg file

Was wondering if you knew of any programs to extract audio
from Nero .nrg files?
ISO Buster won’t do audio (only data).

ie. for use
I use Nero to split into tracks, a .wav file recorded from a cassette. (now a audio .nrg file)
Now I want to extract those tracks for editing, but it seems I
have to actually record to CD and then extract from CD. Right now
I use a CD-R/W to do this. So I can use the same CD-R/W over and over.
But it is time consuming (at re-write speed of 4x).

Any ideas?



with wich program do you edit the tracks (with the nero editor perhaps?)
Because you can also record the complete wave with the nero wave editor.
But perhaps it is easyer (I do the same thing, but I use cooledit) when you record with cooledit or soundforge because this are more suitable programs for this

Hi all u freaks,
The solution to extract audio from a .nrg
is to use Nero’s ‘Image Drive’ (which must be installed)

Installation of Nero ImageDrive
Nero ImageDrive is not automatically installed during installation of Nero. It is only installed if required, using a separate installer. Please proceed as follows to install Nero ImageDrive:

Please click on: Start > Programs > Ahead Nero > Nero ImageDrive Installer
You will now be taken through the installation process. When the installation has been completed successfully you will be asked to reboot the system.
Nero ImageDrive is now installed and ready for use.

Once installed - mount the audio .nrg in ImageDrive and walla!
It shows up in My Computer as a CD-drive. And then you can EAC or whatever!!
Very cool.

Thanks to Aldo for this tip!!!

CDmage is able to handle Nero Image files. It can extract audio from .iso/.ccd files so I reckon it can do the same for Nero image files.

I’ve had no luck with cdmage.
I had tried it before, and seeing your post
thought I would try again. I just did New Audio CD
in Nero and copied some ‘Foghat’ .wav’s.
Opened up cdmage and I get “invalid format of file …”
Maybe I’m doing something wrong or have a setting wrong.
Did you actually open an audio .nrg file with cdmage?
For that matter, it would not open a data .nrg image either.

Instead of fooling around with different programs, the quickest might be to burn the image to a cdrw, extract the tracks you want, burn them to a disc, and erase the cdrw? :slight_smile:

Hi Trondos,
That’s exactly what I was doing. However as I said in
my other post, the re-write speed of my Yamaha 6-4-16
is … 4. Way too slow. Actually the ‘Image Drive’ solution
works perfectly (see the other post I made). Lets me rip
at the full hard disk read speed using EAC. Very fast.
Another plus is that by saving the .nrg images of various
tapes (which have been broken up using Nero’s ‘split’,
I can go and extract from the .nrg “library” for a custom