Extract audio from a DVD disk



I know this can be done, but the question is how?! I’ve saved the file (it’s only three minutes long!) as a VOB, and I can see in MPEG Video Wizard how to extract to AC3, but not to MP3?

Can some kind soul help please?!



Use DVD2AVI to extract the audio as a WAV file (use menu option Audio > Output Method > Decode to WAV).

Then use WMP or whatever util you have to convert WAV to MP3.



Thanks Loob - I’m obviously doing something not quite right. I’ve got DVD2AVI running, done a file open for the VOB, which loads it, but in Audio it doesn’t have an Output Method option?

I’ve done this ages back, and just can’t remember properly!


Dunno then. What version are you running? Mine is 1.77.3.



I know what it is - I have version 1.7.4 which no longer has that option - can someone point me to where I could find older versions please?


Yay! Ta!


If you’d got that far, then just extract to MP2. The majority of MP3 players will handle that filetype.

The alternative is to click the LPCM radio button, extract to that format and re-encode by following the second part of Loob’s instructions.


The quickest way is to slap your VOB into Pinnacle Trex and click on the MP3 button. Viola.

See Loob, even the methods I teach you get modified sooner or later.

And this one was modified soon after I taught you.