Extract audio files only from a dvd

Hi friends… I have been trying to learn how to extract the audio only, from a dvd disk. I don’t know if this is even possible, but I thought I’d ask.
I have a non-encrypted dvd (not a home-burnt one; it is original) of acrobats, and I love the audio tracks on it. I have been trying to burn the audio only onto a CD-R for three days now.
Can anyone tell me if this can be done?
I ran this dvd through dvd-decrypter, and it put two files onto my desktop…one is a ISO file, and the other is a MDS file. I was hoping one of these might be just audio, but I don’t know. I would love to copy the audio to a CD-R, but cannot figure this out…
My burner is a Plextor 716-A, in case that matters. I do have Roxio Easy Media Creator already installed here.
The dvd is 84 minutes in length.

I have been searching all over, and I cannot find anyone else that asked this question…I hope I am asking this in the correct part of the forum.
If anyone could lend me a hand or info, I would be so thankful!

Thanks very much!


There’s a great guide for this over in our Audio section.

Thanks very much ! I am kind of new here, and I’m just learning my way around the forum.
Thank you for replying to me… I’ll head over to the audio section.

I might have learned something here; as I just tried to open the two files that dvd-decrypter put on my desktop. I now think that the audio and video are in the same folder. I don’t know if that is normal or not; this is new to me.
I was hoping so much that I would get seperate folders for audio / video, but I guess not.

Even though the original has no copy protection at all, I tried dvd-decrypter hoping it would give me seperate folders; but, nada… I’ll go to the audio aection and see if I can figure this out over there.

Thanks again for your reply !


Well, it doesn’t look like my Creative Labs Audigy Sound Blaster program does this; something about changing it to a batch file… Wat beyond my experience, dammit…
Maybe I can mail the dvd to somebody and have it done that way.

This computer is new, and I loaded it up with the best audio sound card I could, so I was hoping that Creative would do this.
If anyone happens to know if there is a company that does this, could you let me know please? I was really hoping to get this audio transferred onto a CD-R so I could play it in my car. If by chance somebody knows who does this, please let me know…

Many thanks!


Maybe you didn’t find the right guide?


Has nothing to do with your sound card.

Oh my…I missed that somehow. Thank you so much for listing that for me. i will read up on that now and see if I can learn how to do this.
This is all new to me, so I have much reading to do! Somehow, I’ll figure this out.

Thanks again, tehGrue !!!


Dammit it all… I don’t have enough blanks here, lol… Even though the original is 84 minutes in length, it is telling me that my burn will need 6 blank disks… seems rather large to me.
I don’t have Nero here, but I already have Roxio Drag to disk. Can’t figure out why I should need so many blanks with the original being only 84 minutes long…
It shows 2 VOB files in my Roxio… One is 3,045,044 KB; and the other is 1,245,962 KB. So I’ll have to purchase some more blank Maxell CD-R’s here.

Whew, this is confusing, but at least I have the willingness to learn, lol… I’ll let you know how I make out…


I have this software http://www.videohelp.com/tools?tool=ImToo_DVD_Audio_Ripperand it has worked great on all my live concert dvds. Allows to save in different audio formats

Hi Denvers… Many thanks…I am going to go to that link now and see if I can do it there. I’ve been trying for three straight hours in a row; it cannot be done for some reason. Either I come up with much too many files, or the audio files folder becomes hidden somewhere, and I cannot find it. I don’t think I am sending it to the correct place after I try to extract the audio files.
Damn, I’m getting a splitting headache over this.

I’ll try your site and see what happens. If I don’t have luck with that one, I’ll pay someone to do it for me. Maybe I can get a neighbor or someonr who is much more knowledgeable than I am.
I started late here; learning my very first computer at 50 years old… a late bloomer, I guess. But hey, I try anyways…

Thanks again for that link… I will post back here and let you know how I do. Might not be 'till tomorrow, as I go to bed early here… I have a spinal cord disability, and my medicines make me groggy as heck… But I will let you know by tomorrow, the latest.
Thanks again… wish me luck !!!



Well, no luck… I’ll throw in the towel, lol… I keep on getting read errors saying “unrecognized extension”. DVD Decrypter is making a VOB file, and I guess my Roxio cannot recognize that kind.
I’ll see if I can find somebody to burn this for me… Thanks everyone for trying to help out this noob… greatly appreciated !!!

Takr care…

Well i have pointed people to this and they say it worked fine. Free trial > http://www.castudio.org/dvdaudioextractor/

Forget Roxio and download a free version of Nero and then the ac3 plugin mentioned at the top of the tut already mention. Listen, I’m a old fart too and a newbie at this and I used this tut myself http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=139536. Worked great but I did have to use “Golwave” to edit some interviews out of my Steely Dan dvd. Buckle down dude, show us ya got it in ya.

That might be a good idea ! If I could get the audio into my computer via the “line in” connection; maybe I would have luck that way. I know I paid extra $$$ for this Creative Sound Blaster audio thing, and I think it has a audio input on the back. Not sure though… still learning here, lol…

For the heck of it, I am dubbing that audio track right now, onto a vcr tape. Not sure why; just experimenting here. I’ll try to get the audio into my comp and see what happens.

I must have tried at least 10 times last night, to extract onlyt the audio through DVD Decrypter. I think it extracted the audio files, but then they get lost and Roxio cannot find where DVD Decrypter put them. I used my search companion, but cannot find them, lol… They’re here somewhere; just can’t find the damn things…

Thank you for giving me that link… I will read that now and see if I can figure this out. I’ll give it one more shot today… I am stubborn, so I won’t give up yet, lol…


Your still gonna need Nero cause thats where the ac3 plug-in comes in to play. The plugin is the secret.

If you’re getting a .VOB, you missed a step. When set up right, DVD Decrypter should produce ac3s. Be sure when you go to Stream Processing, to click the Audio track and select Demux. I missed that the first time I tried the guide and instead hit Demux on video, which gave me VOBs.

Get DVD Decrypter to give you ac3s, then all you need is the Nero and it’s ac3 plugin.

I must have to answer 10 emails a week asking why it makes a VOB, I am sure I said in the guide, Select the stream, then click demux. For some reason people just click “demux”, so all they will be demuxing is the video track, the audio will be in the vobs.


Thanks again… I will try again. I just downloaded four different audio extracters from a google search; obviously I am doing something wrong as it always fails.
But I’ll try the DVD Decrypter again; for about the 20th time, lol…
I’ll be sprouting some more gray hairs for sure, lol…


Well, that does it for me, lol… I wasted another blank, for a total of 12 wasted blanks. If I keep this up, I’ll be one of Maxell’s best customers.
I can hear the Plextor writing, but nothing will play… If you look at the disk, you can see the burnt material, but still nothing will play.
I guess I just have to admit defeat here, gentlemen… I am not experienced enough yet for this.
If I can find someone willing to do this for me, I’ll have them do it. It will be cheaper for me to mail the dvd, a blank, and return postage to someone instead of me wasting all my blank Maxell’s.
Strange thing is… the dvd is not encrypted with any type of anti-copy protection. So I’m sure an experienced person could maybe rip this audio blindfolded, lol…

Thanks to all of you; so much !! For your willingness to try to help me here…I appreciate it very much.
Take care…


I tried once more… I think Decrypter is splitting the files, as it will give me 4 folders. Two are (video) VTS… those play back fine when I run them through Winamp…they are video only; no audio on those.
I think the audio files are still coming out as VOB’s; in fact, they do say VOB on those two files. I tried to play those through Winamp, but there is nothing there.

So, I might be doing some of this correct… At least I think I have gotten Decrypter to split the video/audio. Now I have to figure out how to have the audio files come out as VTS’s … is that correct ???

I have been clicking the “stream” too; then the “demuxing”… So I apparently am missing a different step somewhere.
But, being the true Scorpio that I am, I will try again, lol… I think Maxell is gonna love me…


Quick question please… Just to confirm; What method is the correct output? I mean… do I want a WAV, MP3… All I want to do is to be able to play this audio CD on my car CD player, and the CD player in the house. My car will not play MP32’s, but it plays all of my home burns I got off WinMX.

I wonder if I am actually trying to save these audio files in the wrong format ???