Extract audio data from PS2 game

I would like to extract some songs from a PS2 DVD game so that I will be able to play them from my PC (in wav form) .

Here is the PS2 music folder content :

Any idea how to transform these files to .wav file ?



I used Mfaudio to extract the radio stations off of the Gta vice city dvd rom game.

Available Here


I will try it


I have found for instance on the game disneys skateboard extreme adventure, the music, or at least some of it, were in the movies folder and the files were .pss files. MFaudio recognizes these files. I ripped them into 44100 16 bit wav files then were able to rip them to cd. Worked perfect! Now, where is all the other music that I heard? is it embedded in the .wad or .hed files like i have been reading? or what?

Ive seen these Wad files i thin MF audio can play them but they are all messed up when i play them I need that big list of games with all the offset and interleave settings then i can hack the audio from games, its a huge list of gamesthat includes the GTA series and tony hawk games (the audio im trying to hack now)

Ive successfully extracted the music from tony hawks pro skater 3 and its the same for tony hawk 4 both Tony Hawk underground games and american wasteland you need MF audio and you load up the MUSIC.WAD file in MFAudio, you dont need the music.hed file the music tracks are in the MUSIC.WAD file. In MFAudio set the interleave at 18000 bytes frequency 48000hz channels 2 and leave offset alone now hit play and you should hear music, if your doing this with tony hawk 3 the first song you hear is alien ant farm’s song Wish, if it sounds clear like it does in the game your doing good now set the output file to output to Microsoft RIFF uncompressed wav, set frequency at 48000, channels 2, and the interleave should be greyed out. then go to save as and give your wav file a name (I used THPS3 music for tony hawk 3) and choose where to save the file (I created a folder on the desktop THPS3 Music) hit ok or save then hit process and then go grab a cup of coffee or something and when conversion is done youll hear a sound, then youll get a monster long wav file of all the music and background sound effects youll need to cut each song out of the long wav file (I cut each one out and made it into a high quality mp3) do this for all the rest of the songs you want, use a program like goldwave or audicity or some other wav editor, it is a bit of work extracting the music from these games but i only do it for fun and for my personal enjoyment of the music and for educational purposes (I learned something new) good luck and comment back if this worked for you or not and maybe i can help

Oliver you only need the MUSIC.WAD file the MUSIC.HED file doesnt contain the music tracks the wad file does,I tell how to make that into a wav below
BTW im listening to tony hawk 3’s music from the DVD right now in MFAudio, AFI - the boy who destroyed the world is playing

verticalouie im not sure you can try the wad files b/c thats where the music is in tony hawk’s pro skater, im not sure how to extract the music from your game b/c i dont own it try them both and get back to me on your sucess/failure and ill try to help, there was a good song in the game bad boys 2 miami takedown but i couldnt figure out how to convert it

Question for all, does anyone know how to extract the music tracks from the true crime series of games like true crine streets of LA and New york city, here is what i see when i put the disc in my pc



2 file folders modules and slogan(ive found alot of the clipsin the slogan folder that play when you load the game after the luxoflux logo it plays a different one each time)

DATA.PAK (i think the music files are inside this file along with the game data sounds and MUSIC)

.pss Movie file (the spinning activision logo video, I already have this)

and this file called system but it shows up in windows as a speed dial shortcut

windows XP
old clunky ps2 6 years old no longer plays dvds

anyone know where i can download the MFAudio.exe set up file? as it is no longer available on megagames.