Extract A Scene From Avimovie



HI got this avimovie there is a scene i want to extract from .how can i do that??? :confused: What prog do i have to use? :confused:


“this avimovie” is very specific…
Already read the stickies? I think no.
Start with virtualdub.


yes i did read the virtualdub guide but only say how u can split in2 parts the movie.what about 1 single scene


I don’t believe you.

The VD guides are very specific.


Just load the avi into VD, slide the pointer till you see the scene you wish to capture, then go to Video tab and select “Copy source frame to clipboard”. Then run your grahics editor (Paintshop Pro, Photoshop,etc) and hit Paste. Bingo.


canu give a link to these guides ???Please