Extra USB header pins needed on my MoBo



My Asus A7N8X-E-Deluxe MOBO is short of USB headers, it has a dual row of header pins that is used for my front panel USB ports. I would like another dual row for connecting an internal card reader. Does anyone know where I can get an adaptor, which attaches to the existing header pins and offers extra USB connectivity, or maybe a PCI card with extra USB header pins? Are there any such devices around? I’ve done an online search and can’t find anything, but thought I’d post the query in case some clever clogs has thought of a way around the problem.
I know I could take the card reader lead out of the rear of the case and connect to an existing USB port, but I was looking for something tidier than that.
I’ve seen an online article about someone splicing the front panel USB cable to the rear panel cables, but it was a bit messy and was only partly successful.
Any ideas would be welcome.


Why not just get a USB expansion card, you can get them with an internal port as well as the usual external ones.


Hmmm I’ve seen such cards before, but they always were for certain mainboards, no cmmon types.

If you are the handy type, it may be an option to put a USB hub inside your case (mount it somewhere where you cannot see it)…


I have one of these and they work like a charm. Also their shipping is rather low. Try all the options, the cheapest one can be a surprise. PLus you can clearly see if the connections are correct.



you can try re-wiring if it has enough wires, check thse links for guides and references




Dee, I have seen generic ones in the UK which just go into a PCI slot, they are not motherboard specific. Rim happens to be in the UK and so should be able to find one at one of the small PC shops as opposed to the chainstore type ones.

Preston isn’t far from Manchester you could try Planet Micros web shop, they are quite a good place. www.planetmicro.co.uk


Paying additional money on USB doesn’t sound good investment but PCI USB card solution’s probably easiest. Cheap USB cards with both internal and external connectors cost just under US$10. And since PCI USB cards have dedicated USB controllers, they don’t interfere with the onboard south bridge chipset’s USB. Should perform better if you use more HDDs and ODDs via USB (like I do.)


Sorry for the late response to all the above posts but I’ve been out of commision for the last 24hrs. I’ve not checked out any of the links yet but some look really good. I’ll follow them up and report how things go. Thanks to all for your suggestions. Cheers.


Chas- I can’t seem to get the link you posted, I get onto the site but can’t see a suitable device. Could you describe which device you say “works like a charm”. Cheers.


xtac- They were two brilliant links to frontx. The USB wiring diagrams are the best I’ve seen. I have a feeling I’ll be making use of them. Cheers.i


After looking at all options I’ve decided to go for a USB PCI expansion card with an internal port, as suggested by JayC30 and Kenshin, and rewire the end of my existing front panel USB lead, using the wiring info’ on the Frontx links provided by xtac-, Hows that for a global solution? Many thanks guys for the helpful suggestions. Who needs customer services with a forum like this. Cheers.


Good luck, maybe I’ll also later use the diagram (haven’t seen it) for USB cabling on some of my own cases (HDPC-type ones and slim aluminum ones.) :slight_smile:

BTW, there may be PCI cards that have not only USB but also IEEE 1394, SATA, and other things. Not sure how much they cost there. USB-only cards should cost less than US$10 for most cheap brands. For me, this motherboard has only 3 PCI slots: Creative PCI sound card + SATA card + PATA IDE card (mainly for ODDs), and that’s all, no more for IEEE 1394. :frowning:


Have had the same problem before. I tried a card from Compusa that was supposed to have 2 external ports and a 4 port internal header (p/n 304244) but it arrived without the internal connections. Soyo used to make a 4 port USB 2.0 card with internal headers and an adapter plate for external connections. I used one before in another computer and just tossed the adapter. The card worked great. A google search turned up one supplier that still carries them, here’s a link http://shop.vendio.com/ronrsr/item/559283161/?s=1121767984
Just ordered one myself and it went through.


Another, perhaps better solution is the SYBA PCI USB 2.0 & 1394a combo card Model SD-COMBO-02 available at Newegg.com for $12.00 after rebate. This card has internal header connections for 4 usb ports plus an internal firewire plug connector and two each external usb and firewire connectors.


KoKo, thanks for your suggestions. I had already done my modification when I read your post, but funnily enough I ended up using a combo card similar to the one you described in your last post. I managed to source a combo PCI card from a UK company called CPC. It had two USB ports and 4pin & 6pin Firewire ports on the back plate and two internal USB ports. I also got a boxed header(10 pins,-2x5) from the same company. I had to cut up a couple of USB cables and solder the cables USB plugs to the boxed header which enabled me to connect the two front panel USB cables to my PCI card. That freed up my Mobo USB and Firewire header pins and enabled me to connect up my front card reader and Firewire ports. I have only recently found out that there are PCI cards available
that have internal header pins that seem to be like the one you linked me to at Shop,Vendio( which incidentaly no longer have the card you used). Still it was an interesting exercise. Thanks for your suggestions, Cheers.


If anyone is still trying to find a solution you could always use a USB 2.0 Motherboard Header Device to Type A USB Port Adapter/Cable to plug it into a USB PCI card that has an internal port. I found one at http://www.xpcgear.com/pinhead2usb.html


This will sort you out, >HERE<


I HAD THE SAME PROBLEM THIS WILL CURE IT! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815166001