Extra Optical Drives appearing - can't delete them!

After i updated and installed the latest version of Alcohol 120% on my machine, i restarted my PC and i noticed that extra drives have appeared. I would like to know how to remove them. If i go to the Device Manager and delete them, they come back after i restart. The drives don’t have any use and are not physical nor virtual. (Although detected as physical).

Can anyone help?

These are usually virtual drives installed by Alcohol.
They can usually be removed by setting the virtual drive option to “0” in the settings.

According to Alcohol’s settings, i have 2 virtual drives. I created these and they’re for my 2 games. The other two (non-existant) drives appear in the physical drives section. They don’t even exist.

Those two drive you highlighted in the image [B]ARE[/B] virtual drives.
Virtual drives [B]WILL[/B] physically appear in Device Manager.

The Device Manager entry appears to be the two virtual drives you created for your games.

If the highlighted drives are the virtual ones i created, then why are there 2 drives under the Virtual CD/DVD section which have images mounted on them???
Maybe because Alcohol’s settings say that there are only 2 virtual drives - and Alcohol is the ONE and ONLY program i use for virtual drives.

I see your point. I did not notice the already displayed Virtual Devices.
Quite unusual. I just installed the trial version to check and I have no such devices displayed as physical drives.

An SCSI controller did appear in Device Manager, however.