Extra long filenames


I need to write a huge amount of files to a DVD-R but I’m stuck with the joliet limits.
Most of the files are more than 64 char long and can’t be shortened for there are more than the 64 char in common, so that they have the same joliet filenames.

Nero doesn’t support the romeo filesystem even if 128 char would also be a limit.

I tried UDF but Nero still complains about the identical Joliet names :confused:

What can I do ? any idea is welcome


u can try using NTI CD/DVD Maker, which supports the romeo file system.

It appears the most suitable filesystem is UDF 1.5 but Nero doesn’t support 255 char with UDF 1.5, it’s a known issue.
I’ll try NTI and discjuggler tonight.

Prassi and all its clones, now sold by Sonic, IIRC.
Stomp RecordNow Max, Click’n’Burn, Sony CDExtreme (free download), etc, now Sonic. The best for long names.

Up to 212 chars in Joliet format.