Extra IDE channel?



i have two optical drives, one dvd-rom and one dvd-rw. i want to install both for dvd to dvd copying and i’ve read somewhere that the recommened setting is both drives to be their own master. how can i do that? i know i need to buy something off newegg or someplace but what is it called?


They don’t need to be “both” master… They need to be on different IDE channels. Put the rom on IDE1 as slave and the burner on IDE 2…


If you are going to rip, shrink and burn, then it won’t be “on the fly” - in which case, you want both drives as Master/Slave on the cable that isn’t used for the HD.


um…so i just put the dvd-rom on slave and dvd-rw on master but keep them on same IDE channal?


If you want to be able to burn disc to disc they should be on different channels.


They don’t need to be “both” master… They need to be on different IDE channels. Put the rom on IDE1 as slave and the burner on IDE 2…

thats what i should do right…

i should put burner on IDE 2 as master?

okay so thats my question in the first place…i think i have only 2 ide channals one on HD and one thats currently on the burner


I keep both of mine on the Second IDE channel and then just rip first, followed by save to HDD, and then burn



yea but sometimes i got vcd’s to copy…how do i do that? i use dvd decrypter to rip a dvd then burn but does it work with vcd?


Probably not…use nero for that. Create an image and then burn it.


ok besides that i can rip and burn, i want to burn cd to cd while saving time… so i should put each drive on seperate ide channal and i want to know if there is such thing and if you would choose one for me…i think its pci controller for extra ide channal or something likeh that


Let me see if I can help you. I have 27 years experience with computers. If you have a later model computer built in the couple of years it’s now ok to have two hard drives or two cdroms/dvds etc on the same ide channel. Your boot hard drive should remain as a Master on the primary ide cable. The cdrom can be set as a slave on the primary ide channel. You can then hookup the second drive as a master or slave on the secondary ide channel. Or you could put both on the secondary ide channel, 1 master and 1 slave. The drives have a jumper on the back of the drive to change its status. Jumper one drive on the pins MA and the other on Sl. Each ide channel is capable of support of two ide/atapi devices. If you cable has only one connector on the end then you will need a new 80 pin ide cable. If you don’t understand or don’t feel comfortable digging around your computer then you should have someone do it for you


To configure for writing and “on the fly” copying, you would put the the writer on it’s own as Secondary Master, the hard disk stays as Primary Master, and the DVD-ROM as Primary Slave.
(good for drive to drive on the fly, good for HD to writer, not optimal for DVD-ROM to HD).

The Alternative layout, with the DVD-ROM as secondary slave, is sub-optimal for DVD-ROM to writer direct “on the fly” copying, but is optimal wher that data is buffered to HD - either as an option in the copy, or by making and then writing an image file.

The old rule:
A writer does not share an IDE with it’s write source, or with any other drive that will be in use during writing.

The ideal path is from a source drive on one IDE, to a destination on the other, and minimal other traffic - burnproof means that deviations from this will no longer mean a burn-fatal underrun, and improvements to software and drive buffer management may have alleviated the worst of the old problems.

Some software, did little buffer management with the writer, and merely stuffed the writer’s buffer until busy (jamming the IDE, and crucifying the performance of any other drive on the same cable). If buffers are managed better, then the “lock out”, problem is avoided, by feeding data to the writer only when it has buffer space available.


There’s no reason to have the 2 drives on separate channels, as Dominator2 already pointed out. This seems to be one of those legands that just won’t die. You can do “on-the-fly” copying just fine this way, I have been doing it on numerous systems for years. With DVD’s, such on-the-fly copying is often difficult at higher speeds due to several reasons, but copying CDR’s this way is no problem. And, at lower speeds, DVD copying is fine too.

The only reason you would need the drives on separate channels is if you need to access them at the same time from separate processes, such as reading from drive-1 in one program while writing to drive-2 from another program. IDE is more than fast enough to allow disc-to-disc copying over one channel, again with some speed limitations for DVD’s at higher speeds. On-the-fly copying is not 2 processes, it’s one, and is only limited by the bandwidth of the IDE controller in use.

Personally, I like to have 2 drives on separate chanels to allow me to scan one disc while burning another. But, if you have your system HD sharing with an optical drive, you may have issues while using them both at once. For this reason, use of an IDE controller card (PCI) is popular because it allows you to move all HD’s off the main IDE controller, and free up the main IDE for your optical drives.

It’s also good to note here that the poster might not be able to do DVD on-the-fly coping at all if his DVD-ROM has a speed lock for video discs. This is often the case.


ok…i actrually understood all the things you guys said, thanks a lot.

im getting a new western digital hd 160 gb…what should the ide channal be? secondary? i want to keep my 40 gb hd though


ok…that should be good but i bought my comp 4 yrs ago.

i just opened up my comp before and i saw that there was only 2 ide channals…there is a IDE cable (40-pin, 80-conductor) that comes with the western digital hd…does that mean its to set up the extra ide?


anyone know?


Keep all HDD’s on one IDE channel and all opticals on another. Otherwise you will have a performance drop by mixing them. Master Slave amongst the opticals shouldnt matter, but I seen some DVD writers that only play well as Master, particularly Pioneer.


so if i have 2 hdd, my original 40 Gb and the new 160 Gb which one should be master?


Which one has your OS on it? Your OS drive should be your master. :slight_smile:


allright then…thanks for all of your help.
also i would like to add that im getting the western digital 160 GB ata/100
[what ever that means]
its on sale for 60$ at circuit city…is it a good hdd?