Extra files in a zipped video/image gallery? (playlist, weblink, cover art etc.)



I’m making a “downloads” section in my website. There will be three types of download:

  1. a zipped music album
  2. a zipped set of videos
  3. a zipped image gallery

Now I like the idea of packing little extras into these zips. If it’s a music album, then along with the mp3s it’ll contain the following peripherals:

  1. an m3u playlist
  2. a “Folder” jpeg
  3. an “AlbumArtSmall” jpeg
  4. a .lnk to my website
  5. a little “info” txt file about the album

I’m pretty green about this stuff so is there anything else that could/should be included?

And I’m not sure about the jpegs. Should the AlbumArtSmall file be 75x75 pixels?

But my main question is this… what little extras could I include in a zipped image gallery and in a zipped video set?

Obviously the info and lnk files can be included, but what else?

Regarding playlists for the video zips, I can’t find evidence (Google) that people use playlists for video files! This surprises me. I’ve heard that some media players accept XML playlists but have been unable to find examples of how such a file should be written or what extension(s) it should have.

So the question boils down to: when you’re giving people a set of videos or images, what extra files could you include?

Any ideas would be welcome.


The m3u playlist is nice for those that like to playback the album in it’s original order. Personally I delete them as I just play the files I want to hear or add specific files to my own playlist. But there is no harm in adding them, I’m sure someone uses them. Your images should likely be larger for those that use larger thumbnails. As for what else to include, nothing else is needed for videos/images aside from pieces 4 & 5.