Extinct audio format gets a museum



The Eight Track Museum opens on Monday in the Deep Ellum arts district of Dallas. If you’re under 40 you may have never seen or heard an 8-track audio tape. The 5.25x4x.8 inch plastic tape cartridge was big and bulky, but it became wildly popular in cars in the 1960s. An 8-track cartridge contains a continuous loop of quarter-inch tape. The ends of the tape are linked by a metal foil splice, and the tape is divided along its length into 8 channels, or tracks (hence the name).
Link: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13645_3-20031510-47.html?tag=cnetRiver



I’m under 40 (well only by 2 years lol) sure I remember those very well. They worked great for a while until the heads got all misalined :frowning:

We used to record our LPs on 8 Track so we could listen to them in the car :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing, brings back memories!


8 tracks went well beyond the 1960’s My 1977 ElCamino had a factory 8 track player & so did my brothers 1980 Ford.
I even had a combo 4 & 8 track player.
Anyone else actually use any 4 track audio tapes ?


The 4 track tapes were actually quite a bit better. They used a pinch roller that was part of the deck instead of part of the flimsy plastic shell and they had twice the track width of an 8 track.


Ot the tape deck I had that played both . It was all chrome & the tape on top exposed. It had a lever to use the 4-track pinch roller when needed.