External Writer Won't burn DVD/CD

I have used the external USB 2.0 CD/DVD-RW drive several times and had no problems. But today when creating an audio CD i have wasted many discs as when the project starts it lasts for around 10 seconds or writes around 5% or 10% then fails with no errors. I am currently using Nero but have tested copying with another software but the writing still stops after a few seconds, it more or less crashes without any errors. I have created many audio and dvd discs in the past!

Any ideas guys?

Tell us more details… :slight_smile:

Are you backing up a music-CD or is this compilation something you have done out of your own music files.

Is “IMAPI burn machine” service disabled?

Media / (ATIP/MID) used?

Media used = Verbatim.
Imapi = enabled.
Date used= MP3’s.


Either the USB connection or the enclosure itself is probably not suitable for the use with this drive.
If you can, update the chip/firmware of the enclosure/chipset.