External writer: PX 708 UF or HP 420e

I am going to buy an external dvd writer and i have 2 possibilities: Plextor PX 708 - HP DVD Writer 420e

The thing i want to know: Is the PX 708 UF worth its money or not, or should i buy the HP (sorry for my bad english :Z)?

What are the pro and cons of the PX or the HP?


If you absolutely have to have an external drive, the Plextor is better. I have one at work and it does a reasonable job. Use Firewire though, it’s a lot more stable compared to USB 2.0, with lower CPU usage .

If you can buy an internal drive, do. There are a lot more choices available, including ones that write better than the Plextor. I got the Plextor at work because it’s attached to a laptop.

thx… :slight_smile:

i already have an internal drive, i need the external also for work :wink: