External vs internal dvd burner?




I have an internal Philips 8701 dvd burner, which is working perfectly. I have been using it a long time, and know that eventually it is going to die. I would like to get a back-up burner before that happens, however, I have not been able to locate a new or used 8701 anywhere, and assume new would be less risky in any case.

I was thinking that an external burner (usb connection) would be a lot more convenient to use with different computers, but don’t know if there are any drawbacks with the external versions as vs internal.

I was able to pick up a used Iomega Super DVD burner, in like new condition, with disks, box, cords and all. It plays perfectly but I have never been able to get a good burn from it. One error message after another, lots of coasters, even though I am using the same program and Verbatim disks, set to the same (low) recording speed.

So, internal vs external? Pros? Cons? 8701’s anywhere you know of? (I heard it was the same as a BenQ 1620. Any truth to that?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated,




Dell branded Philips 8701 is a rebadged BenQ [B]DW1640[/B]. :wink:

Your drive is probably out of warranty so please check this thread how to crossflash 8701 to DW1640.
But if your drive works perfectly don’t mess with it, you’ll only gain scaning (and QSuite’s QScan) capability.

All pros goes for drive mounted internal if you don’t need to transport burner between compus far away from each other.
You can run external BenQ (or Sony DRU-810UL) firmware on internal drive, althogh I wouldn’t recommend it because the updates for external 1640 version (EW164B) are long due.


[/b]Very true Pinto2, and a bit of a downside. But the EW164B firmware is still able to produce some exceptional burns for me. I have a OEM 1640 and use the 164B firmware as i think its faster and is better alround. Produces lower PIF and PIE on burns too.

The EW164B firmware get my vote :bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile: From a 164B firmware user. :iagree:


Yes, BenQ EW164B firmware might be old but still very media compatible. :wink:

For average Joe not interested in scanning (btw, not needed at all when you go with quality media), I still recommend Sony DRU-810UL/T firmwares. Their latest is just a few months old.


Hello, Pinto 2,

Thanks for the response! You have given me food for thought. I will go with the internal vs external burner.