External version of the Plextor Premium any good?

Just wondering if the ripping capabilities is as good as the internal Plextor Premium version? Are there any problems with this drive? Thx

I have it and love it, works like a charm. With Plextools, I have copied all the so-called “protected” Audio-CDs :Z that I have encountered so far.

Apart from the USB2 envelope, it is exactly the same drive as the internal IDE one.

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Bump, just need more opinions and insight before I make a purchase. Anymore thoughts? Thx

As ET already mentioned, it’s the exact same drive as the internal one so its performance will be the same. In fact, you can take the Plextor drive out of its external case and use it as an internal drive or vice versa. For instance, I recently got a new computer which is a barebone, meaning it can only house one optical drive. I prefer to have two drives so I took my interal PX-708A and build it into an external enclosure that originally had an old PX-W4012TA CD-RW drive in it. Anyway, once this was done and I attached the PX-708A in its USB case to my computer it was detected as a PX-708UF. Notice the ‘UF’ at the end: this stands for external…

Ok, thx alot for your reply.

Both the internal and external version of this drive is excellent. One of the best, if not the best CD-RW ever made.

Sorry for bringing this topic back up. I’m just wondering would it be cheaper if I buy the internal IDE version of the Plextor Premium and then stick it to a External Enclosure? Would there be any compatibility issues? Would Plextools recognize the drive as an external Plextor Premium? Thx

Probably IDE+external enclosure will work, but if I were you I’d go for the USB version… :wink:


It should work but I cannot guarantee it. There have been some reports about problems when using an unofficial external enclosure but these were mainly reported when using them with the Plextor DVD recorders. Your safest bet would of course be to just buy the Premium-U (U = USB 2.0).

Well , guess I have to contribute … no way around with a nickname like mine !

Sgt_Strider , know that in some reviewing tests the Plextor externals
(that applies also for Plextor 712-U , the DVD-writer) actually shows
better results in writing , reading and extracting than the internals :bigsmile:

  • maybe Plextor have “stabilized” the externals some degrees extra
    to upweigh the more shaky enviroments they will encounter -

BUT there is a prize paid by this “stability” … :rolleyes:
The loading time of the tray is not nearly as fast as the internals ;
if You can live with that I can 100 % vouch for THE GREATEST CD-WRITER IS PREMIUM-U ! :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

Do you have links to the reported issues? Maybe the best bet is to buy the best possible external enclosure that I can get my hands on?

The search function is great for that. Here are the results when searching for “usb” and “problems” :wink:

The link doesn’t work…

Well, DoItYourself then…

  1. Click on ‘Search’
  2. type USB<space>PROBLEMS
  3. click ‘Go’

and you’re done!

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