External USB to Internal IDE conv



Can I remove the cover and USB interface of an external burner and plug direct to IDE and make it an internal burner? Reason? I don’t have (at this time) a 2.0 USB card. I flashed the drive using USB 1.1 and well…that didn’t work out very well for the drive! Manufacturer said I need a 2.0 card to get the drive back but, I don’t see why this USB to IDE thing won’t work. Thanks a million!


If it’s a specially molded case around the drive … no.

If it’s the usual “lets whack a standard IDE drive in a cheap case & market it as a complete product” product that’s been predominant in the last few years … it shouldn’t be a problem. But it will void your warranty, if it’s still under warranty.

The USB1 vs USB2 is utter B$. The difference between the two, operational wise is the speed only.

However … the logic of using a USB to IDE converter on an IDE drive that you’ve pulled out of a USB to IDE converter case totally eludes me.
The USB to IDE converter (and the case also) relies on the IDE drive working in the first place.

The only option is to plug it into the IDE & flash it.
However, if it’s under warranty, the manufacturer should be able to do something with it for you.

Can you please specify what product you have?


debro, i don’t think he meant he wanted to use a USB to IDE converter, but instead he was looking to convert his USB drive to an internal IDE drive (although yu answered this part as well :))

if you can get the case apart then it’s probably fair game to shove it inside your computer, but please post the exact brand and model of the burner and someone may have more specific advice for you.

and I echo debro’s warning that the minute you open anything up your warranty is GONE. I’d see if the manufacturer can help you out in any way before cracking that sucker open if it’s still under warranty just in case you need warranty work done in the future.


Thanks, I do need help. It is an I/O Magic DVDRW1016UI. I think it has a Microtek drive. I tried MTKFLASH but, I don’t think i’m doing something right. A:>MTKFLASH 1 /B /W /M UIPELDMU1016A089.bin bad command or file name. “O” is alway’s the # never the letter? Maybe that’s not even the right MTK file to flash. I know A089 is the right firmware but I’ve gotten so gumblef**ed I can’t even remember where I got that file or if it is DOS based …AAAGGGHHHH!


Be REAL careful when it comes to flashing firmwares. If it’s the wrong firmware it could be bye-bye drive. If you don’t mind voiding your warranty open the case and see if the drive has a regular ide connector. If it does you won’t have to flash it, you may have to change the jumper setting and that’s it.


Just to take the drive out of the enclosure and to use it as internal (if it has the right connections, i.e., if it was not manufactured “to be” an external drive and the manufacturer just used a normal internal drive to build the “boxed” one) I don’t see why you have to flash it and change the firmware.
External drives, when carrying a normal drive inside have this one set as “master”…so you only should need to switch it to slave, if that’s the case within your system.
But, as you already made it and most likely your warranty is gone, check the model, get the right firmware from the manufacturer and try not to use bin files, as you should have an executable file that you can run within windows (if this is you O/S).