External USB eclosure for CD-R/W Drive Problems

I got an external enclosure for my older cd burner, and I’m having problems. I wonder if anyone can help me.

The drive is a Que! 24/10/40, and was working wonderfully in my main computer. I pulled it out when I got a faster drive, and ordered an enclosure from meritline for $29.95. The enclosure is aluminum, has internal power supply, came with drivers, and a usb 2.0 cable. it worked fine, albeit slowly on the main usb ports on my computer (motherboard ports are 1.1)

Now, I purchased a usb 2.0 card based on the ali chipset.

it installed fine, no errors, recognized the drive, and nero’s cd-speed shows much improved speeds now.

However, when I go to burn, nero goes thru all it’s normal gyrations, and the drive spins up, the access light blinks a few times, and then the drive seems to lock up. the burn process indicator stays at 2% indefinitely, the drive light never comes on, the eject button is locked out, I can cancel the burn, but can’t close nero, can’t eject the drive, and can’t stop the usb controller.

I’m on win2k, with a P3-450/128M ram.

Do I need to disable the motherboard usb ports? or can you have both active?

Thanks everyone, I haven’t built an external cd writer before, but have used them internally. this one is a bit strange, and thought I’d see if someone else knows about this problem before I spent lots of time on it.

With all the people here on this board, I thought that by now I’d have at least one response.

This must be a really tough one, huh?

Doesn’t anyone use an external burner?

Help, please!