External USB 2.0 NEC 3520a...Please help!



Great site by the way. Never knew it existed.

I have a NEC 3520a in an external USB 2.0 enclosure. Recently it has started to do all kinds of funny things. First off, when burning a CD, it would keep telling me to insert a blank media when one was already there.

Second, it constantly resets itself when burning DVDs. It will kick off and then fail at about 2%.

Is my drive dying or already dead? Could I have a bad enclosure?

By the way, I updated the firmware and it did no good. It will not read CDs. It will read DVDs.

Not sure where to start.


Try other “high quality” media. If that does not help, I assume that your drive is faulty.


What Chipset is in the USB 2.0 enclosure? What kind of computer and chipset is on the motherboard? Have you tried burning to DVD + R or -R or both? Can you pull the drive out of the enclosure and put it on an IDE channel to test it without the enclosure?


I am using memorex dvd-r. They were burning flawlessly a week ago. I have burned 20 dvds without errors. Now, the drive just resets itself. It will not read any CDs at all. It will burn 2-3 dvds though


Here’s a link of the enclosure: Enclosure

I am using a dell latitude C840. I have been burning with this setup for some time. All of these problems just started out of no where. Maybe I do have a bad drive.


RMA the drive. If that doesn’t work, look at media or USB controller issues.