External to internal?

Hey i have an external Lite on 16x DVD and wondered if its easy to get it out of the enclosure and mount inside a case ? as ive just bought a new tower that comes with a DVD writer but its not double layer. will i need IDE and Power cables ?


Hi and welcome at CDfreaks!

external drives (at least the normal half-height ones) are normal internal drives put into external enclosures. So you could install that drive internally without the need of additional cables (the latter depends on the configuration of you computer). Also you should be able to put an existing internal drive into the external case.
The main difficulty may be the external case, some are screwless, so there is a risk of damage.

P.S.: What drive is built into your new system? It is hard to believe, that the drive is not capable of writing DL discs, unless totally outdated hardware is used.

Hey thanks for that

it is a 2 screw standard lite on enclosure so ill just give it a try. the drive thats included is just a bog standard DVD writer. i didnt actually choose it but it was included in a barebones package as an extra. i was planning on upgrading it if i couldnt get the lite on out of the case.