External sohw1633s burner probs?

i made this burner an external one because i got a laptop and no longer used my desktop cpu… so i got a airlink 101 usb2 external case and a usb2 card for my laptop. my prob is tht it only burns dvds at a max of 3.4x… i have 16x dvds and a lot of them and i cant make backups of anything because it burns way to slow for 16x dvds… so is there anyway to make it burn faster? like something i have to tweak or am i screwed? Its a Liteon SOHW 1633s BSOY thank you

i don’t know much about enclosures, but i have some suggestions for you:
never burn faster than 8x with this drive, the disc quality above 8x is just too bad most time.
you should also upgrade it to a 1653s with CS0T firmware, it’s better than BS0Y.
use only dvd+r/rw, don’t ever think of burning a double layer disc.

I never do burn over 8x and i updated my firmware to csot lastnight and it still only maxes out at 3.4x

Maybe a stupid question, but didn’t you forget to install the driver for the USB2 card?

My 1633/1653 CS0T burns +R and -R just as well, the last one was a Ritek G05 with a total pif count of only 464… (burned at 4x).

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no i didnt, but if i did wouldnt i get a message saying tht this device could perform faster hooked to a usb2.0 device?

I don’t know if you should get such a message. Was there no driver with the USB2 card? With my motherboard I had to install such a driver, otherwise the USB connections run at the speed of USB1. I think the best thing to do is check the burst rate of your drive with Nero CD-DVD speed or KProbe. I think it should be at least 20 MB/s, but I’m not shure. My UDMA4 connected drive has a burst rate in KProbe of 41,25 MB/s.

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on kprobe wht do i do inorder to get the burst rate??

In KProbe go to Info - Drive. Wait a moment and you see all specifications of your drive. The last line is the burst rate.

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haha its only 9.97mb/s

No wonder your drive will not burn faster. I would check if you need a USB2 driver for your card.

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i got the disc it came with, but its only a win98 driver. it says nec whne i put in the cd… where do i go to get the driver for it

That’s just the driver W98 needs when you connect a usb device. Is there a website you can check? I’m sorry I can’t help you with this. I just remembered installing a driver for USB2 and after installing checking device manager there was new item called “VIA USB2 host controller”. A device of that kind you should have in your device manager too. Maybe ask the reseller?

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i got nothing tht says usb 2.0 in the device manager, when i plug in the card i have a couple things tht appear tht say NEC pci to usb host controller

I’m afraid that the card only works USB1 that way. Are you sure that the card is USB2? I hope someone else can shine a light on this?

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Hi, if you’re running XP (preferably with SP2), you don’t need to install any drivers. And if you don’t see any yellow question or exclamation marks in Device Manager, with the card plugged in, then it’s installed correctly.

Your problem is that you have to transfer the data through two different interfaces (#1-the PCMCIA/Cardbus interface between the USB card and your laptop and #2-the USB to IDE interface in your external enclosure). These interfaces are not all created equal (quality-wise) and will be “more or less” compatible with each other. If you can’t get the desired speed as is, you can only experiment with different USB cards and/or external enclosures til you find a good combination…

You could first check for a possible firmware update for the enclosure, because this can improve the speed and compatibility.