External SOHW-812Sx takes agess to burn

hi, i have read around the various posts on this site however they all seem to cover the internal liteon SOHW-812S and not the external one.

i have read that making sure the dma is enabled might solve the issue of the dvd taking 1hr to burn when nero states it should take 8mins. how do i view the dma settings for the drive, because its connected via usb…

any suggestions on how i can fix the overall problem? i have upgraded the firmware. appreciate all replies in advance…

(great site btw :bow: )

how are you connecting the drive to your computer? I think you need USB 2.0 to burn it at 8x. Do you have usb 2.0 on your computer?

ahh that is probably the problem. i am connecting it thru usb. i suspect it might not be high speed usb 2.0. i am going to buy one then report back. oh. one more thing…since its an xternal drive, is there a way to rip it out the enclosure then connect it to IDE…if it is an easy process, i might just do that.

@ droz2cool
An easier, faster way to tell would be through the use of nero cd-dvd speed burst test…through a USB2.0 port the transfer rate should be about 12MB/S… USB1.1 would be about 1MB/S. You can also test this in Kprobe(>info>drive)let that run and scroll to the bottom for results.

Yes you can rip the drive out of the enclosure and attach to a standard IDE connector in a desktop…that is how it is connected inside the enclosure:).

ripped it out the enclosure and voila…erything runs smooth. thnks people