External Slim DVD burner powered via USB?

Newbie wants to buy a slim lightweight external (USB) DVD burner preferably DL, for lightweight laptop.

Can’t seem to find any ready-made DVD burners that don’t require external power (Liteon SLW-831SX looked good, beats me why you’d design a slim 300g DVD, then require a heavy external power supply?!)

Any advice on prefab slim DVDs or self-build components (and suppliers) available to Switzerland would be gratefully appreciated.

Freecom makes a mobile slimline DVD burner FS-50 DVDRW that is powered from the USB bus.

There is also a Swiss Freecom website.

I don’t have any personal experience with this drive.

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Super small, ultra slim Double Layer DVD+/-RW drive

100% buspowered

Features :

[li]World smallest Double Layer Drive
[/li][li]Records up to 8.5 GB on one DVD
[/li][li]Weight: Only 600 grams (incl. Akku)
[/li][li]Interface: USB 2.0
[/li][li]Ideal for Notebook, Desktop PC
[/li][li]Installs in seconds
[/li][li]Without opening your computer
[/li][li]100% buspowered
[/li][li]Integrated rechargeable Battery
[/li][li]2 years manufacturers warranty

Read/Write :

8xDVD+R, 4xDVD+RW, 8xDVD-R,
4xDVD-RW, 8xDVD-ROM, 24xCD-R
16xCD-RW, 24xCD-ROM

many ,many

Any urls would be gratefully appreciated,

So far aside from the Freecom, I’ve found the Plextor PX-608U, but it’s almost double the cost of a Liteon SLW-831SX non-USB powered…

Here is one:

@ Pabinator: You do realize you’re answering a 2 year old post? Powering a burner from a USB port isn’t such a great idea as burners draw more than the 2.5 Watts USB is speced for. But if you want, try NewEgg to see what’s available.