External sh-s182m problems

I recently purchased an external Samsung sh-s182m and am having a problem with it. I connected it, Windows verified the new hardware and I was off to the races; so I thought. I tried copying a movie that was originally ripped and burned from an online source (VOB files). I installed the OEM Nero software that came with it and the burner would not read the disc. It started to and then in about 5 seconds a “failed to read disc” message pooped up. I tried to play the orginal disc in Windows Media Player and it froze in about 5 seconds. I have the same internal burner at home so I took the disc home and it didn’t have any problems copying it. I have the latest firmware on both drives. I then burned a data disc in the external drive :a using a DVD+R. That worked fine. I took that disc and made a copy to a DVD-R. No problem there either! What’s going on?

An external 182 would be an 184.

So it is an 182 just put in some external or an 184?