External Plextor burner



Sorry if this has been asked many times, but can anyone recommend me a good, preferably a true, external Plextor burner? I had an internal PX-W5224TA in my old Computer, but that Computer died so I took the burner out and for that reason I also wonder if it is possibly to use the burner on a laptop with an adapter like this one:


Is the PX-W5224TA any good or should I just throw it away? The one in my laptop is LG GSA-T20N.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English, hope it is understandable =)


Hi and Welcome!

indeed, you can use such an adapter to connect an internal optical drive externally via USB.
Unfortunately, there are sometimes compatibility issues, and the only way to find out is to try yourself. Your chances are somewhat better if the product description mentions compatibility with CD and DVD writers.



Thank you for your answer. So I should keep my PX-W5224TA? I could not find any adapters that mentioned compatibility with cd and dvd here in Sweden… Perhaps I should by a new external one, but I dont know which one