External Pioneer 109

Hi all,

I’m brand new here so please humour me if I’m daft.

I’ve just bought a new 109 (been very pleased with my trusty 107).
I’ve installed the new drive in a USB 2.0 enclosure.
The problem is that the drive takes nearly 3 times as long to burn a disc as my 107 (which is internal on IDE).
I’ve tried installing the 109 in my PC, on IDE and it is fine, burning at terrific speed.
I’ve also tried putting the 107 in the USB caddy and it then slows to about one third normal speed, just like the 109.
A 4+ GB image takes 8 mins (at 8x) for my internal 107 but the same file takes over 22 mins for the USB’ed 109 (also at 8x).
I only use G05 media (several types - all do the same).
I’ve tried the drive with my desktop (XP3000, AOpen mobo, 512 etc) and laptop (IBM T40) and the burn is always slow.
As far as I can tell, my USB is set up OK. If not, I would expect Windows (XP Pro SP2) to inform me that the bus would limit the performance of a fast drive.

Sorry for the long post but please help me!!
TIA Bensboss8

It’s not the bus that limits speed but the IDE=>USB chip in your enclosure. Only a couple of these chip types can reach high speed with optical drives. They all seem to be OK with HDs, but you have to choose carefully when want to use it with a fast burner.
You should read some of the numerous enclosure threads to get relevant info on which enclosure type is OK. Usually NEC and Prolific chipset based ones work fine.


My enclosure is an “Aluminium Constar ST-2512B2”.
I’ve opened it up but can’t see any clues as to what
chipset it uses, plus the box/paperwork doesn’t say.
Anyone know this device or have any feedback for it?

I’ve had a look through the relavant posts and the
Plumax range of enclosures seems a favourite.
I would probably go for the combo USB/Firewire but
I live in the UK and can’t find anyone selling it.
Does anyone over here have any links to a seller of
this enclosure (or any other suitable box)?


I also live in Europe, and I know two kinds of Prolific chipse based external enclosures: Vantec NexStar2 USB/IEEE1384 and Welland branded. I have the NexStar2 (~50 Euro) and I use it with the Pioneer DVR-109 on IEEE1394. No problems with fast burning so far, although I have problems with fast DVDR ripping (above 8X it slows down). DVD-ROM ripping is OK up to 16X speed. Maybe it’s an issue of the burner because others experience same problems internally. I’ve never tried it internally, so I can’t be sure.

Thanks erdoke.
I’ve checked out both models.
Can’t find any UK sellers of Welland - found one in USA but
they don’t open for a few hours to ask about shipping.
Can only find Vantec NexStar2 on ebay for £45 GBP (66 Euro)
and it appears to be a USB only (no firewire) enclosure.
Any other tips?

Someone (hundreds/thousands) of people in the UK must be
using fast DVD-RW drives in enclosures.
Can anyone local recommend a brand/source.
I like the look of either box recommended by erdoke but I can’t
get one and I resent paying £45 when the drive only cost £51.

Help again please…

I use my Pioneer 108 on firewire in a ADS 1394a/USB2.0 external case. I can’t get it to burn over 8x. My friend has his 108 in a external USB2.0 case and has the same problem.

I read here on cdfreaks that my case had issues.

I think my next case will be firewire 800 1394b. It is twice as fast as firewire 400 and should be able to burn at 16x. ADS Tech and Bytecc make 1394b cases. Here are some links for you to look at.