External Pioneer 109 DVD R/RW Writing problem

Hi. I just bought an external Pioneer DVD R 109 and am trying to burn DVDs using Nero. Every time it reaches 15% writing it hangs. I have to reboot the system, and throw the DVD media. I am connecting the external drive via firewire. Using Windows Xp SP 2. Anybody know the solution please help. Thanks.

Connect it internally and test it again.

Thanks for the quick reply. But I am connecting it to my laptop! Only can connect via USB or Firewire. Laptop is a P4.

It could be a problem just with the enclosure. There were lots of reports with that dilemma.
Maybe you could find a firmware update for your specific enclosure. What brand/chipset is it?

The box says Sum Vision. 3.5"/5.25" External Enclosure. Chipset is Prolific PL-3507. Thanks again

Maybe you can find firmware here: http://tech.prolific.com.tw/visitor/v_fileBrw.asp

How do I check the present firmware? Could u please let me know that? And are u sure its a firmware problem? Thanks again

You can find a big thread about it here.

Thanks. I got to download a firmware update but I need a Flash program, do you know where one can dowload that? And it also seems a problem with Firewire, I have to try with USB.

Just an update I did manage to write a DVD via the USB connection at 2 x speed. So I think the problem is Firewire. How do I resolve this problem? Also I want to know is there a quality loss writing via USB? Also any suggestions on where I can download the Flash program? Thanks in advance.

Ok I managed to update the Firmware to the latest one. The Prolific website in fact posted the latest one on 25/08/2005. Couldn’t get more latest than that. Now writing via Firewire using Nero 6 (latest updated) at 2x I managed to burn upto 37% then the same problem! So what could be the solution? Should I burn at 1x? Try another software? I read some where about Right Burn or something? Is that better than Nero for this particular drive? Also what is the difference burning via Firewire or USB? Anyone got any answers please help. Thanks.

Check the USB & Firewwire connections and settings using Devicemanager and by hand.

Ok I think I will stick to USB for the time being. Have wasted some money trying to use Firewire. I just wanted to know does the quality suffer while writing via USB? Or is it just the speed? Any ideas?

USB is a fine way to write. Times shouldn’t suffer at all. If it’s slow, something is wrong. Make sure you’re using a USB2 port on your computer. If you don’t have one, consider a USB2 PCMCIA card.


Thanks. I think it writes quite fast via USB, must be USB 2, though I have no point of reference. I was just worried the quality would suffer. Though there are two Firewire ports on the external writer, I haven’t yet tested the other one. Don’t dare to waste another DVD media.

The two firewire ports should be the same, sounds like you have USB2. Quality won’t suffer. Enjoy.


Thanks everyone for your help. Really appreciate it. :slight_smile: